A Spoken Word Short Film by Andy Garland
Produced by Starlise Waschuk and Curtis Lum

A Savvy Star/ Curtis Lum production
Created/ Narrated by Andy Garland
Choreographed by Starlise Waschuk
Cinematography by Gregory J. Brown
Assistant Director: Johnson Phan
Grip: Parya Pourkarimi
Costumes: Kathi Moore & Christina Dietterle
Makeup: Hana al amrani & Jackie Bloxom
Catering: Phoebe Hou
Behind the Scenes: Darren Hopwood
Special thanks to Max Cohen @ The Permanent

Starring: Andy Garland, Curtis Lum, Starlise Waschuk, Jay Schreiber, Siona Gareau-Brennan, Alissa Hansen, Massimo Frau, Kyle Christensson, Aimee Stolte Groves, Kelsey Ranshaw, Ross McKeachie, Jameson Trenholm, Tristan Shire, “T Swagg”


The Hallowed, Hungover


We’re all walking like we had the time of our lives

Like we shook off our skin and danced bone naked
In the moonlight,
Had to scrounge around the next morning
Like all our old lives were just a pile of shoes
By the door.
Bleary eyed from bearing witness
To the wilderness of youth and desperation,
Of fire eaters and fortune tellers
Coming down together in the chill out room
Holding hands, cause they’re the only thing
That didn’t spin.
I could use a cigarette.
I bartered the upper registers of my ears
For seven minutes of heaven in the closet
Making out with the afterlife.
And now the morning air calls us
And now the blood aches for coffee
Nicotine, ink stains from morning papers
Crumpled bus passes to guide us home
From wherever we fell
And I carry a brick in my throat half the day
Lodged there caringly, for all last night
We talked about building something beautiful
In the afterglow as the drugs wound down
Into violins and whispered songs.
I don’t know how long I should carry this brick for
I don’t even know if you remember how we
Were such great future architects.
We were going to build a safe place.