Grand Expeditions Ensue

Get the email
get the time booked off work
Do the Victory Mambo all the way to the elevators
down the hall, out the door
into the early-to-the-party Vancouver sunshine in February
start plotting and scheming before the bus even has time to pull away from the stop.

Angle for bistros and ancient streets
well, ancient by Canadian standards, anyhow.
Angle for the museum where Napoleon’s hat is held,
marvel at how such a small span of felt and fabric
held such a mind intact.
Angle for parks, peace, a moment under a tree
where an eon passes between your lips, exhaling
every pent-up patient breath you’ve held
in the most taxing of times.
Brush up your french,
dust off the bescherelle and work up a few phrases
you reckon you might need when navigating the Metro.
Yes. No. Totally, utterly lost, please and thank you.
Plan, but don’t really plan;
set up a dozen different landmarks and episodes on a dartboard
and start hurling each morning from bed
before breakfast.
Devour days, chew slowly,
savour the somewhere-elses,
and sketch out new adventures rather
than recounting the old ones,
the college-era calamities,
the post-graduate perils,
all paired with a laugh soundtrack
and a jazz band. Whatever we make
will not be those things, but it’ll be
something wonderful, I swear.
Grand expeditions ensue, and we
have got the best kinds of maps
written on our hand-in-hands.